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Air Duct Sealing in Atlanta, GA

One way to improve your home performance is by investing in air duct sealing services. Air leakage is a huge problem in many homes across the country. Even a small air leak can lead to extreme inefficiency, which, in turn, puts a lot of strain on your heating and cooling systems, and eventually you’ll find yourself dealing with costly repairs and even costlier utility bills. Of course, this is not an issue we’d want for you to have to deal with, which is why we are happy to provide air duct sealing services.

AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. offers comprehensive air duct sealing services for homeowners across Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area. We strive to create comfortable and efficient environment inside every home, and with over 20 years of experience, we are the team you can trust to do just that. Contact us today to get started.

For a local, dependable, and reliable team of experts, trust AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Call us today!

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Do You Need Air Sealing?

If you are looking to give you home performance a boost, you can trust out team for air duct sealing services. There are a number of signs that indicate your home could benefit from these services. Consider AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. for air duct sealing if:

  • Your home is either always too hot or too cold
  • You experience low indoor air quality
  • You have high energy bills
  • Your home is always dusty

If any of the above apply to you, contact our team. We will thoroughly inspect your home for any signs of a leak and seal them up accordingly.

Our Methods

There are three main methods that we use to perform air duct sealing services. These methods include:

  • Caulking: We use caulk to seal up any leaks that are found in cracks, gaps, and joints in your home. Caulking is a service that should only be performed by a professional to ensure that it is done properly.
  • Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is used to seal up any leaks that are found in the moving parts of your home, like your doors and windows.
  • Attic Air Sealing: Your attic is considered to be one of the most high-risk areas for air leaks. Therefore, our attic air sealing services ensure that conditioned air is unable to escape from this location.

Based on our inspection of you home, we will determine the best method of air sealing for you. We will make sure that your home is free of any air leaks!

Schedule Your Services ASAP

We urge you not to hold of on your air duct sealing services. Even the smallest leak can put an immense strain on your HVAC systems, limiting their ability to heat or cool your home evenly and effectively. Additionally, you can expect to see a rise in heating and cooling costs as your systems struggle to circulate conditioned air.

You can trust our NATE-Certified technicians here at AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. to properly seal up the air leaks inside your home. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee promises that you’ll be happy with the service you receive. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.