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Heat Pumps in Atlanta, GA

HVAC technicians all over the country are seeing a rise in heat pump installation. Heat pumps are among some of the most efficient home heating and cooling systems, keeping homeowners comfortable year-round. Traditionally, homeowners rely on both a heater and an air conditioner for their heating and cooling needs, however, a heat pump eliminates the need for both. So, if you are looking to cut back on your monthly energy bills all while keeping comfortable, consider a heat pump!

AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. offers comprehensive heat pump services for homeowners across Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area. We truly believe that every homeowner deserves to live in a comfortable and efficient environment, and we therefore strive to create that environment in every home we visit. So, trust our team today for all your heat pump services.

For all your heat pump services in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area, trust AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump

Our team offers comprehensive heat pump installation and heat pump replacement services because we understand just how great these systems are. A heat pump works much like an air conditioner, utilizing the flow of refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another. What separates a heat pump from an AC though, is that it is able to reverse the flow of refrigerant to allow for home heating as well as cooling.

There are numerous benefits of installing a heat pump, including:

  • When cooling your home, the heat pump will run in longer cycles, thus allowing it to dehumidify the air more than a traditional AC would. This is a great feature especially here in Georgia!
  • Rather than generate their own heat, heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another, making them much more efficient than other heating systems. In fact, a heat pump uses 50% less energy than an electric furnace.
  • A heat pump allows you to both heat and cool your home with just one system, eliminating the need for both a heater and an AC.

Heat pumps work best in areas with mild winters, making them great options for homeowners here in Atlanta, GA.

We Offer Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

From time to time, your heat pump is going to require heat pump repair services. Fortunately for you, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of repair needs. We recommend scheduling your repairs at the first sign of a problem. Our team will get to you quickly and prevent future problems from occurring.

Annual heat pump maintenance is key to the longevity of your system. Our heat pump maintenance services are designed to keep your heat pump running efficiently and effectively for years to come. Plus, maintenance is the best way to keep repair costs and utility bills to a minimum.

Be Sure to Trust Our Team

For all your heat pump services, be sure to contact AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. From installation and replacement to repairs and maintenance, we are equipped to handle it all. We will make sure that your system keeps you and your family comfortable year-round. When you call us, you can expect that a professional, NATE-Certified technician will arrive on time, ready to help you with whatever you may need.

Contact us today to get started or to learn all about your heat pump options!