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Your Furnace Isn’t Supposed to Make These Sounds


You kick the furnace on and hear it roar to life, but does the roaring stop? Your furnace is supposed to make noise, but depending on what the noise sounds like, well that’s an entirely different conversation.

Some basic bangs and light booms happen with combustion-based heating systems from time to time, but we’re talking about unusual noises that may require heating service in Marietta, GA. Let’s talk about what these noises are and what they mean for your furnace.

Really Loud Chirping Noise

This chirping sound is common when you first turn your furnace on after a long hot season. It’s finally cold, your furnace is waking up from its hibernation, and the expansion of heat will make some chirping noises.

If it’s out of season or the noise is excessively loud, then that’s not normal. Your mounting plate could be grinding against the blower wheel, which will lead to bigger issues in a short amount of time. You need a technician to help you with this one.

Screeching or Wailing Sound (Like Metal on Metal)

Have you ever heard pieces of dry metal scrape together? It’s horribly unpleasant. You have metal bearings in your furnace’s blower fan that could be grinding together if you hear a screeching or wailing sound.

This isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but it can lead to larger problems. All your technician needs to do is grease the bearings on the blower motor. This can be done during annual maintenance.

Aggressive Rattling Sounds

Sometimes this is referred to as a banging or clanging noise. Your furnace is going to make some booms and bangs, but if they sound loud and remain consistent, there are a couple of things it could be.

For one, it could be some loose bolts or a loose access hatch. Your furnace can vibrate during operation, so these weakened points will rattle and clunk around. But it could also mean damage to your motor’s fan belt or a crack in the heat exchanger.

Consistent Clicking Noise

A bit of clicking happens. It’s usually the sound of air pressure changing within your furnace, and it’s nothing to be concerned about. Unless you’re far away from your furnace and can hear it like it’s right in your ear.

Loud clicking sounds that remain consistent could be a sign of a cracked heat exchanger. Let’s be clear about this, cracked heat exchangers are a potentially life-threatening problem. They’re not to be taken lightly. This could lead to a slow leak of carbon monoxide, and if your detectors aren’t picking it up, hopefully, that means it just started and you can call technicians to handle the rest of the problem for you.

It’s Time to Fix Your Furnace

Restore your furnace and you’ll also get rid of those pesky noises at the same time. Your furnace needs a bit of attention, and we’re up to the task. If you’re ready to fix your furnace and reclaim your comfort, give us a call today. Nobody should have to live with an overly noisy furnace (or the problems that come with it).

Contact us today to inspect and diagnose your furnace troubles, and provide a solution as soon as possible.

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