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How To Keep Your Heater in Great Shape This Fall and Winter


Using our heaters on a regular basis isn’t something we’re too familiar with here in the Atlanta area. Still though, even though our winters may be relatively mild compared to our friends up north, and brief as well, when we do need our heaters, we want them to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The last thing you need is to go turn on your heater on a day you’re really looking forward to the warmth, only to discover it’s broken down on you, or is blowing out cool air from its vents instead of warm air–or it’s making some really concerning noises. How do you prevent all this?

Well, by being diligent about scheduling maintenance and staying on top of repair needs. Professional annual maintenance (or biannual in the case of a heat pump) is the best way to keep your heater in great shape for the fall and winter, and in the future. Read on as we uncover the benefits of this service. And don’t forget to ask about our residential maintenance program!

The Benefits of Routine Heating Maintenance

When it comes to getting your HVAC system professionally tuned-up, now is the best time to do so. While consistency does matter more than timing, we typically recommend fall for scheduling this service since it’s the least likely time that technicians will be out on emergency repair calls, and easier for you to get on the schedule. This routing maintenance will benefit your home by:

Improving Energy Efficiency

When properly maintained, your home’s heating system will operate more efficiently. The various mechanical parts will be properly adjusted and lubricated as needed to work as they’re designed to. When your heater’s components can easily move and operate, they use up less energy to run.

With routine maintenance, you can expect your home heating system to retain up to 95% of its original efficiency rating, while without maintenance your heater can lose about 5% of that original rating each year.

Reducing Repair Needs

Did you know that maintenance can help reduce repair needs by as much as 85%? This is because, during maintenance, our technicians do a thorough inspection of the entire system, where we look for signs of wear and tear.

When we find indicators, we either make adjustments right away when we can or alert you to the need for small repairs. The sooner you get those small repairs on your schedule, the less likely they are to turn into big, expensive, emergencies.

Extending the Life of Your HVAC Equipment

When properly maintained and promptly repaired as needed, your furnace or heat pump can be expected to have a useful service life of about 10-15 years. If you consistently skip maintenance, however, that lifespan can be cut in half.

The biggest benefit of maintenance is that it slows down natural wear and tear. Therefore, it slows down the aging process for your HVAC systems.

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