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Don’t Ignore These Signs of Furnace Trouble


Now that things are cooling off, that means you’re heating your home up. You’re using your furnace more often than you have in recent history. If you had any lingering heating issues this past winter and you didn’t handle them before the season ended, then it’s likely that they’re going to rear their ugly head again. This is when you need to invest in furnace repair in Atlanta, GA

There are typically signs that things are going awry with your furnace system, it’s just up to you to listen to these signs and make sure they’re being addressed. We also understand that things can just come down to you not knowing the signs of trouble. We’re here to make sure that you never miss another sign again.

The Signs That Your Furnace Is in Trouble

Here are a few signs that your furnace is probably going to have a bit of trouble this upcoming season. 

Irregular Cycling

The number one sign of impending furnace trouble is irregular cycling. This can come in the form of short cycling or longer cycles. Short cycling is probably the one that you’re more familiar with because it’s a favorite topic of HVAC professionals. You’ll notice that your heater will start, run for a limited amount of time, stop short, and then begin again. Long cycles mean that your heater will run for extended amounts of time without actually warming your home adequately.

High Energy Bills

Your energy bills seem to increase no matter what you do in your home. This is an issue if you can’t pinpoint what’s causing the spike. High energy bills tend to occur when you have a system that’s underperforming efficiency-wise. This is something that can be corrected with the proper repairs.

Low Heating Output

This year you’ve noticed that your heater isn’t performing to the best of its ability. This means that your house is struggling with low heating output. Your heater should be able to heat your entire living space. If it doesn’t, then your heater needs assistance in some way. We will help you with this issue.

Hot and Cold Spots

Most homes have some level of temperature imbalance. This is something that’s bound to occur if you have a home that’s multiple stories or have rooms that receive more natural light than others. However, if this imbalance is something that occurs in your home to a shocking extent, then you’re going to need to repair your heater.

Weird Scents

Have you noticed some weird scents occurring in your home or lingering in your home? Your heater really shouldn’t emit weird scents. If it does, then you’re eventually going to have an even bigger heating issue on your hands. Foul odors are an issue that we can solve. They’re also a problem that we encourage you to address as soon as possible because they can cause health issues in your home if the problems stem from a carbon monoxide issue.

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