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7 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Does your heater still stand up to the test of time as the outdoor temperatures grown colder? We’d guess that if you found your way to this blog, then the answer is likely a “no.” But that’s okay, because we’re here to rectify this in this post. The first big step toward figuring out how to fix your furnace is to identify a furnace repair need.

We specialize in furnace repair in Atlanta, GA. If you’re struggling with your home’s heating work this winter, then it’s time for you to contact our team members. We’re here to help you pinpoint your needs and fix them with ease.

What’s Going on with Your Furnace

These are the signs that you’re having issues with your furnace that need professional care:

1. Odd Noises

Have you heard some odd noises in your home lately? You turn your heater on, and you hear a sound that you don’t usually associate with heating. It might be an odd grating noise or a grinding sound. No matter what’s happening, you should never hear a noise that you can describe as loud, new, or alarming. These are all signs that your home’s heater is in bad shape.

2. Discolored Piot Light

If you have an older furnace, then take a look at the furnace’s pilot light. (New furnaces use electronic ignition systems.) The pilot light should burn a steady, bright blue. If the pilot light is any other color, including yellow, orange, or even red, then it’s time for you to call for furnace repair.

3. Irregular Cycling

If your heater is cycling in odd ways, you’re going to need to contact a heating professional for the work necessary to fix it. Odd cycling gives way to other heating troubles fast. Ignoring the source of these issues may come to a bad conclusion.

4. High Energy Bills

Have your home’s heating bills have been climbing all winter long? You may not know exactly what’s causing the issue, but you know something is up, and you want to get a handle on it. Heating repair is where to start. Our heating technicians will fix whatever is creating the spike in heating costs.

5. Foul Odors

When you run your furnace and start to notice foul odors, it’s often because the furnace is malfunctioning. If you start to notice burning scents or moldy smells, then it’s because your furnace needs professional attention.

6. Discomfort

If you’re working your heater into the ground just to get warm, then it means that your heater is ineffective. You need to call in a heating technician to find the source of the heating decline and remedy it.

7. Low Indoor Air Quality

Have you noticed that your home’s indoor air quality is poor? Poor indoor air quality can manifest as high amounts of dust, general discomfort, or even what seems like you and your family members having constant colds. Don’t confuse these symptoms with general discomfort from low IAQ.

Contact AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. today for your furnace repair work. Your Neighborhood Recommends.

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