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Why Ductless Systems are so Great

Are you familiar with ductless mini split systems? Ductless mini splits are heating and cooling systems that work just like a heat pump, but have the added benefit of customized comfort. It’s pretty common for homeowners to have subpar ductwork. If you live in an older home, your ductwork typically ages with it and can cause you to get low quality heating and cooling.

A ductless system can help you get great heating and cooling in your home without the hassle. It’s important to understand this type of system thoroughly before making the switch. We’ll educate you on the various benefits of these systems below and help you get the best quality heating and cooling. If you need great ductless system services in Atlanta, GA, then it’s time to contact us.

What’s a Ductless System?

A ductless system (often referred to as a ductless mini split) is a heat pump system that doesn’t rely on the ductwork in your home. Instead of using centralized ductwork, a ductless mini split uses individual air handlers mounted on the walls throughout a home.

The setup of this system is a lot like a standard air conditioner—it involves an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor or condenser coil. The indoor units (the individual air handlers in this instance) are great because they’re heat pumps. This means that they can directly heat and cool your home from these air handlers. Ductless systems can help you get customized comfort in your home.

Why You Should Consider a Ductless System

There are so many great benefits to a ductless system for your home including the following:

Customized Comfort: Do you have rooms in your home that run a little cold or hot throughout the year? Centralized HVAC systems are reliable, but they do have a lot of shortcomings. One of the major pitfalls of an HVAC system is that you have to heat or cool your home all at once. You can’t give a little extra TLC to those rooms that need it. A ductless system can help you bypass this by using individual air handlers.

Energy Efficiency: Do you have old or faulty ductwork in your home? If you do, you could lose up to 30% of your conditioned air to leaky ductwork. A ductless system can help you reclaim all the energy that you’re losing to inefficiency. Ductless mini split systems are incredibly efficient on their own and they help you work around any faulty ductwork that you have in your home.

Cost Savings: Energy efficiency directly relates to the cost of your home’s air conditioning and heating. Installing a ductless system in your home to get the most from your energy efficiency will help your overall cost savings. You don’t have to depend on an inefficient system year-round just because it’s what you currently have. Switching from a forced-air system to a ductless mini split will give you increased comfort and lower bills.

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