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When to Invest in a New Air Conditioner

It can be hard to know when the right time is to replace your Air Conditioner. Sure, there are a few emergency scenarios where it’s clear that you’ll need a new AC system, but the more subtle, wear-and-tear signs aren’t always as obvious. And, with the expense of replacing an AC system, it’s understandable that you’d want to keep yours for as long as possible. But, if your home isn’t staying cool the same way it used to, it may be time to investigate a new AC system. Here are four signs that you should invest in a new AC installation in Atlanta, GA.

Four Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC system

These are key signs that you might need to replace your home’s air conditioning system.

1.      Your home isn’t staying cold.

We all like our homes at consistent temperatures, so you’ve likely noticed if your AC system hasn’t been able to maintain your preferred temperature. You may find that your AC system is only blowing cold air first thing in the morning and late in the evening – before the sun is up and after it’s gone down. If that’s the case for your home, it’s time to invest in a new AC system.

2.      Your electric bill has increased, without good reason.

If you’re just starting to use your AC system after a period of not using it, you’ll see an increase in your electric bill. But over time, you should be able to expect what it will cost you to run your system throughout the month. If your electric bill increases consistently, your system is likely using more energy than it previously was in order to operate.

3.      The AC is producing a smell or constant noises.

How’s the air quality in your home? If you’ve started running your AC unit and notice that there are new moldy odors in your home, it may be due to the age of your unit. As units get older, they can experience poor filtration.

You may also notice that your AC has a significant sound to it when it’s working as well. Generally, a working system is easy to ignore as background noise. As your AC system gets older, or parts wear down, you may hear squealing fan belts, hissing compressors, or other unsettling noises. These are all signs that you should look at replacing your AC system.

4.      Your AC unit needs constant repairs.

Generally, your AC maintenance should be fairly easy. Replacing the filter and setting up regular maintenance should be enough to keep your unit functioning properly. If you’re constantly calling your HVAC provider to come out for additional providers, you may find that it’ll be more cost-effective to buy a new AC system.

A professional AC installation company will be able to walk you through your options and help you choose the best system for your home. If you need a new unit today, or you’re just starting to think about replacing your unit, we’re here to help!

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