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Old AC Issues Haunting You?

Spring is here and you’re using your air conditioning more than ever. Now is the time where you’re going to start noticing that your air conditioner has problems. This is also the time to do a little reflection. Have you noticed that your home’s air conditioner is having all those same problems that you had at the end of last summer?

These problems might be in the early stages, but small problems are still problems worth noticing. If you need AC repair in Atlanta, GA, then we’re here to help you. You can find prompt, affordable, and effective air conditioning solutions from our professionals. It’s better to address your problems now than waiting until it’s even hotter.

Problems to Watch Out For

Watch out for these issues rearing their ugly heads in your home again:

1. Short Cycling

Have you noticed that your home’s air conditioner is short cycling?

Short cycling is a telltale sign of more trouble to come. It’s your AC’s way of giving you a warning. Short cycling is when your home’s air conditioner starts, runs for a short amount of time, stops, and then starts again shortly after.

Short cycling is so bad because it is terrible for efficiency. You’re going to notice that it persists, grows worse with time, and eventually affects your air conditioning.

2. Low Output

Low output is one of those tricky air conditioning symptoms that’s hard to spot. What you might notice is your air conditioner being difficult: difficulty getting it to start, finding it necessary to run the AC way longer, or even needing to turn down the thermostat to lower temperatures than normal. This is actually low output: the air conditioner isn’t delivering the cooling it’s supposed to.

3. Lack of Cooling Power

You should be cool whenever you’re using your air conditioner. If you have already noticed that you’re not as cool as you want to be, then you need to repair your air conditioner. Your air conditioner isn’t perfectly matched to your comfort needs, and this is a bad sign. A lack of cooling power is going to hurt your home comfort.

4. Foul Odors

Your air conditioner shouldn’t give off any scents. If it is giving off a scent, then schedule an appointment with our professionals. You might notice a musty odor coming from your AC, which often indicates mold. Make sure that you take note of these scents when they arise in and talk to one of our team members about it. If it is mold, you’ll want it taken care of as soon as possible.

5. Loud Sounds

Have you noticed loud sounds going on when you run your home’s air conditioner? Watch out for sounds like banging, scraping, squeaking, rattling … really anything that you didn’t notice before. Your air conditioner is a machine that should stay consistent. Any quirks that it picks up over time are signs that you’re going to start having troubles with your air conditioner in the near future.

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