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Last Call on AC Services

We’re finally rounding out the summer season. If you haven’t gone through with fixing any lingering air conditioning issues that you might have, then we suggest you do so soon. The best thing you can do for your air conditioning system is act on air conditioning needs in a timely manner. If you’re wondering where to get your air conditioning repair in Marietta, GA, you can come to our professionals for the work you need.

This isn’t really the last call on your air conditioning services. We’re available to help you with your air conditioner year-round. We’d just suggest that you get yourself situated before the onset of fall. Sometimes your problems can become out of sight, out of mind, and therefore out of control when the warm weather season rolls around again.

What to Address

There might be a lot going on with your air conditioner. 

Short Cycling

Have you noticed that your air conditioner has started to short cycle? Short cycling is when your air conditioner starts, runs for a short period of time, stops short, and then suddenly starts running again. Short cycling isn’t just an oddity in your home. It’s a major sign that your home isn’t performing to the best of its ability. You’re going to need a professional to check in with your system and make sure that the short cycling doesn’t become the downfall of your system.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills are something that you should be able to anticipate. You can know high energy bills are coming when you’ve been putting more strain on your air conditioning system or running it more often than usual. If your high energy bills are unexpected, then it’s time to contact one of us.

Loud Noises

Loud noises are the last thing you want to hear when you turn on your home’s air conditioner. Loud noises that you might hear in relation to your air conditioner are things like:

  • Rattling
  • Scraping
  • Banging
  • Whistling
  • Squeaking

Honestly, anything you hear that’s new or just too loud is an issue. We want you to notice this as soon as possible and get in touch with our team members about it.

Foul Odors

Have you noticed that your air conditioner smells a little funny? Foul odors are bad news. You never want to notice anything musty or concerning. If you are, then it’s time to contact one of us. You might be having an issue with mold or mildew. 

Warm Air

Have you noticed that you’re battling against warm air in your home? This might manifest as you working harder to stay cool. What we mean by this is that you might notice that you’re hovering near your thermostat more often, waiting longer amounts of time to get cool, or you find yourself longing for a cooler home while your air conditioner is on. These are all bad signs. They typically point to an issue with warm air. We’ll help you resolve it.

Contact AACtion Air Conditioning & Heating Co. for your air conditioning services. We’re the professionals “Your Neighborhood Recommends.”

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