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How to Help Your AC


We’ve arrived! We’ve reached the hottest point of the summer, as we’re sure that you’re aware. We’re also sure you haven’t spent many days in the past few weeks without your air conditioner running. We also know you probably feel like you need oven mitts when you get in your car because the steering wheel is so hot after sitting in the sun. It’s hot and the humidity makes it feel even hotter.

This is why we want to bring your attention back to your air conditioner. It’s important for you to remain proactive when it comes to your home’s air conditioner. You need to perform preventive measures to ensure your air conditioner can last long into the future. We can help you with everything air conditioning in Atlanta, GA. Call us today.

Keep These Helpful AC Tips in Mind

Here are a few things that you can do to help out your air conditioner this summer.

1. Unblock Your AC Vents

Walk around your home and take note of all the vents that you have—are all of them free and clear? Throughout the year, you might put a bookshelf, piece of furniture, or even a tapestry in front of one of these vents. It’s easy to do this and disregard the functionality of your home’s HVAC system. If you’ve done this throughout the year, then it’s time for you to move these things out of the way. Your HVAC system functions better without obstacles!

2. Seal Up Your Home

If your insulation top-notch? If you don’t have a home that’s well insulated, you’re going to notice your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency suffer. It would benefit you to insulate your home if you don’t have great insulation already. It takes so much of the hassle out of your air conditioning service.

3. Close It Up

Make sure that you’re closing all your doors and windows before you run your air conditioner. It’s easy to forget a window in a room in your home that you don’t frequent as often. Make sure that you’re checking before you go over to your thermostat.

4. Raise Your Thermostat Temperature

The idea of raising your thermostat’s temperature during the hottest weather of the year is enough to make your skin crawl—but hear us out! Sometimes, the weather outside is so hot, that it can make a low 70s or even 60° thermostat setting sound enticing. This might sound like a good idea, but few people actually want their home to be this cool for this long. Set your thermostat to a mild setting and let it cycle appropriately.

5. Make It Dark

We know that natural lighting is nice. You wake up in the morning and let in some natural light. It helps the day feel brighter in more senses than one. While we know you want to see the sunshine in the summer, if you’re experiencing a really hot afternoon here in Atlanta, it’s best for you to close those blinds. The absence of natural light will help your home cool off faster.

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