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5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Might Act a Little Off

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Imagine that It’s been hot and humid all week. You turn on your air conditioner to keep the house cool and comfortable, but it seems to have trouble keeping up with the heat outside.

Maybe it sounds like it’s working harder than usual or even louder than expected, but you can’t quite tell what the problem is.

Here are five common reasons your air conditioner might act a little off right now. You’ll also learn who to call for AC repair in Atlanta, GA.

1.  Airflow Restrictions

If you find that your AC isn’t cooling off rooms or unevenly blowing air, chances are something is blocking its airflow. The first step is to clear away any clutter blocking your vents or registers.

You may also want to check for dust and cobwebs inside registers or vents. Consider using a vacuum or duster with a soft brush attachment for quick clean-up.

2.  Malfunctioning Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat may be causing your air conditioner to run more than it should. Don’t automatically assume that you need to replace it with a brand new unit.

There are some minor fixes you can try before going through that expense. For instance, unplugging your thermostat for 30 minutes may reset it and allow it to readjust appropriately.

3.  Electrical Problems in the AC

Did you know that electrical shorts can cause all sorts of problems in your air conditioner? If there’s an electrical problem with your AC, then it may not be able to distribute cold air when you need it most.

Unless you have the proper training and equipment, testing electrical connections can be difficult and dangerous. Call an HVAC pro from AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. and have them check for issues with your wiring and help you with AC repair in Atlanta, GA.

4.  Low Refrigerant Levels

If you notice that your AC is using its highest cooling mode for too long or if it shuts off at regular intervals, check to see if you have enough refrigerant, or Freon, in your unit.

When the coolant is low, the compressor’s pressure levels become unstable, causing it to cycle on and off repeatedly. This coolant is critical for absorbing heat and cooling the air. Your device may be seriously damaged as a result of this.

But the good news is that it’s an easy fix—just contact an HVAC specialist to find out how much refrigerant you need and how much it will cost to replace.

5.  Dirty Condenser Coils

A dirty coil can’t do its job efficiently, so your AC will have to work harder and put out more noise to cool you down. Dirty coils also tend to look awful after years of dirt build-up!

Make sure you check your coil every year, or if you hear strange noises when running your AC. Clean the coils once every five years for optimum performance and reduced energy costs.

Contact AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co.

If you need AC repair in Atlanta, GA, don’t fret. In addition to all our regular HVAC services, we also provide air conditioning repair, which can help get your unit back up and running in no time.

Contact AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. today for your AC repair needs. We’re the HVAC team “Your Neighborhood Recommends.”

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