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4 Early Warning Signs of an AC Breakdown


If you’ve ever had an air conditioning breakdown in your home you know that the signs are incredibly obvious, especially as the underlying issues worsen. You might struggle with your air conditioner really slowing down or even shutting on and off unexpectedly.

Your air conditioner can’t last forever, so in some cases, a breakdown is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid a breakdown though? One way to do this is by spotting the early signs of an air conditioner breakdown. The finer points of air conditioner trouble can be hard to spot if you’re not an experienced air conditioning technician. If you need air conditioning repair in Atlanta, GA this summer make sure you contact our team today.  

Watch Out for These Red Flags

If you notice these signs of trouble it means that a breakdown could be on the horizon. Contact our team today for service.

1.      Your AC Bills Got High Out of Nowhere

You haven’t changed how you run your air conditioner, but you notice that the price has skyrocketed? It’s likely that the problem actually has to do with your air conditioner’s function. When your air conditioner is on the fritz it becomes incredibly energy inefficient. Energy efficiency problems become most evident through your air conditioning bill. If you notice a considerable increase in your energy bill, it’s time for you to contact our professional team. We’ll fine-tune your system and help you lower your bill.

2.      Your Airflow is Too Low

Do you feel like your air is barely trickling out of your system? This is pretty common when a breakdown is right around the corner. Low airflow is a sign that your air conditioner’s compressor has seen better days. This is a subtle sign that your air conditioner is on the decline and needs professional service.

3.      You Can’t Cool Off

Do you run your air conditioner for what seems like forever and still don’t receive the relief that you’re looking for? This means that you’re having a real problem with your air conditioner. This is a clear warning sign that trouble is on the horizon with your system. Your air conditioner should be able to keep you cool all for a reasonable price, even through the high summer heat here in Georgia. If your AC can’t keep up it’s time to call in our team.

4.      You Repair Your AC Unit Often

Do you have to repair your AC unit more often than once every few summers? If the answer is yes then it means that you probably have a big issue coming down the pipeline. It’s never wise to repair your air conditioner indefinitely. It might seem like you’re saving yourself a little money, but we can assure you that it’s truly a bad decision for your home. If you’re struggling with this type of problem then it might be time for you to graduate to air conditioner replacement rather than just air conditioning repair.

You can come to our team at AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. for great air conditioning repair services. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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